Please note: This page needs major updating as it contains point values for the old points system (not Points Plus)!

Food Ideas For Staying On Track

Finding low point foods that I enjoy is a major part of keeping me sane and loyal to Weight Watchers. I’ll do anything to help stretch out those points and the greatest thing about the plan I’m on, The Flex Plan, is that I can still eat all of the things that I loved before! The following is a small list of some of my favorite low point foods. Please keep in mind that this list is a work in progress, and please let me know if you find something you think should be added!

(Note:  Please make sure to double-check nutritional information on packages, as it may change)

In addition to the usual fruits and veggies (and in no particular order):


Wonder Light Bread (Wheat, White, or Italian: 2 slices for 1 pt)

Mrs. Baird’s Calorie Light Bread (Wheat: 2 slices for 1 pt)

Sara Lee Delightful 100% Whole Wheat Bread with Honey (My favorite) (2 slices for 1 pt)

Thomas Light English Muffins (100 calories and 2 pts each)

All-Bran Garlic Herb or Multi-Grain Crackers (18 for 2 pts)

Fiber Gourmet Pasta (2 pts for 2 oz. dry) – I LOVE this pasta! (

Fiber One Honey Cluster Cereal (1 pt for 1/2 cup)


Blue Diamond 100 calorie packs of almonds (2 pts)

Good Sense Bar-B-Q Flavored Soynuts (30g for 2 points)

Special K Bars (2 pts each)

Curves Chocolate Peanut Granola Bars (1pt)

Stretch Island Fruit Leathers (1 pt each or 2 for 1.5 pts)

Archer Farms Fruit Strips (found at Target) (1 pt each or 2 for 1.5 pts)

Del Monte oranges – individual cans (1/2 cup servings) (1 pt)

Del Monte No Salt Added Peas (1/2 cup for 0 pt)

Orville Redenbacher’s 100 calorie mini bags of kettle corn (2 pts per bag)

Orville Redenbacher’s 100 calorie popcorn snack cakes (2 pts per bag)

Jolly Time 100 calorie mini bags of butter popcorn (1 pt per bag)

Curves 90 calorie mini bags of butter popcorn (1 pt per bag)

Quaker Mini Delights (2pts)

Pringles Stix (2pts)

Any of the 100 calorie packs

My favorite are: cheetos, ritz snack mix, cheez-it cheddar party mix, cheddar chex mix, cheese nips, cheez-its, lays cracker crisps, and sun chips (all 2 pts)
Beware though, because some (like the 100 calorie Doritos and Asteroids) are 3 pts

Frozen Foods

Breakfast Lean Pockets (3 pts each)

Eggo Low-Fat Nutrigrain Waffles (2 waffles for 2 pts)

Kashi Honey Oat Heart-to-Heart Waffles (2 waffles for 3 pts)

South Beach Pepperoni, Deluxe, or Buffalo Chicken Pizza (7 pts each)

Boca Original Vegan Burgers (1 pt)

Boca Breakfast Links (2 links for 1pt)

Boca Ground Crumbles (1/2 cup for 1pt or 1 cup for 1.5 pts)

The Original Gardenburger (1 pt)

Sun-Dried Tomato Gardenburger (1 pt)

Green Giant Just for One Frozen veggies (Broccoli & cheese or corn, 1-2pts) (Thanks, Shelly!)

Amy’s Organic Mexican Tamale Pie (1 pie for 2 pts)

Amy’s Organic Shepherd’s Pie (1 pie for 3 pts)

Any of the Lean Cuisine pizzas or paninis (I live on these: 6-8 pts each)

I particularly like the Roasted Garlic Chicken, Three Meat, Pepperoni French Bread, and BBQ Chicken pizzas and the Chicken Club and Southwest-Chicken Paninis


Hershey 100 calorie chocolates (Pretzels or Wafer: 2 pts each)

100 calorie Twix, 3 Musketeers, and M&Ms (2pts)

Hostess 100 calorie packs of snack cakes (1-2 pts per package)

Breyers 100 calorie ice cream cups (cookies and cream is my favorite) (2 pts)

Jell-O 100 Calorie Pudding Cups (2 pts)

No Pudge Brownies (2 pts depending on how you divide your servings)

South Beach Peanut Butter cookies (2 per package, 2 pts)

South Beach Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookies (2 per package, 2 pts)

100 calorie Nutter Butter chewy bars (2 pts)

100 calorie Right Bites (grasshoppers, fudge stripes) (2 pts)

Blue Bunny Fat Free Sugar Free Fudge Popsicles (0 pt for one, or 1 pt for two)

Blue Bunny Fat Free Sugar Free Pops (in cherry, banana, orange, and strawberry) (up to 3 for 0 pts, 4 for .5 pt)

Brach’s 100 calorie Milk Chocolate or Dark Chocolate Stars (2 pts)

Weight Watchers Ice Cream

I really like the Cookies and Cream Bars and the Round Vanilla Sandwiches (Both 2 pts each)
The Giant Fudge Bars are my favorite (1 pt each)


Laughing Cow Light Swiss cheeses (1 pt each or 2 for 1.5 pts)

Kraft Free Cheeses (fat free) (1/4 cup for 1 pt)

Borden Fat Free Sharp Cheddar Cheese Slices (2 for 1 pt) (These are much better than Kraft’s fat-free cheese slices)

Weight Watchers Cheese Snacks (slices) (1 slice for 1 pt)

Breakstone’s LiveActive 2% Lowfat Cottage Cheese Cups (1 pt)

Egg Beaters (up to 1/2 cup for 1 pt)

Hormel Turkey Pepperoni (Up to 10 slices for 1 pt)

Ball Park Fat Free Hot Dogs made with turkey (not beef) (2 for 1.5 pts)

Oscar Mayer Deli Shaved Lunchmeats (My favorites are the brown sugar ham and rotisserie chicken) (1 pt for 6 slices)

Oscar Mayer Chicken Strips (Grilled, Southwestern, Italian) (3 oz for 2 pts)

Veggie Patch Breaded Corn/Cheese Nuggets (1 pt per piece – not very pts friendly, but yummy!)

South Beach Ham & Turkey Wrap Kit (4 pts per pkg.) (Thanks, Shelly!)

Prepared Meals

All-Bran Extra Fiber cereal (1/2 cup for 0 pts)

Microwave Hamburger Helper (Single serving packets for 4 pts each)

I really like the Cheesy Lasagna and Cheesy Beef Taco. (The Cheeseburger macaroni ones are good, but are 5 pts, and the Stroganoff ones didn’t seem to have much flavor to me)
They now have a Microwave Chicken Helper Fettucini Alfredo version (4 pts)


I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter or Parkay spray (up to 23 sprays for 0 pt)

Athenos Original Hummus (2 Tbsp for 1 pt) (Also great on All-Bran Garlic Herb crackers)

PB2 (2 tbsp for 1 pt) (

Maple Grove Fat Free Raspberry Vinaigrette Dressing (1 pt for 2 Tbsp or .5 pt for 1 Tbsp)

Walden Farms Honey Dijon Dressing (great on sandwiches (did not like on my salad) and 0 pt for 2 Tbsp)

Wishbone Italian Dressing Spray (The only one I like) (10 sprays for 0 pt)

Mrs. Dash (0 pts) (My favorites are the Garlic & Herb and Tomato Basil)

Kernel Seasonings – made for popcorn topping, but great on pasta and veggies (0 pts)


High Fiber V8 (8 oz for 0 pts)

More coming soon!

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