Saying Goodbye to Weight Watchers Online

I’ve been a member of Weight Watchers online since 2006.  That’s when I buckled down on my lifetime struggle with my weight and ended up losing 164 pounds using their old Points system. This was even before their Points Plus program.  I loved their plan and it was so easy to stick to.  Their website was completely easy to use and had wonderful support on their many community message boards.  The tracker was even easier to use.

Unfortunately, my doctor at the time was trying me on a variety of meds that made me start to gain some of the weight back and I lost some of my motivation. Then Weight Watchers switched to the Points Plus program and I didn’t lose quite as well. When I stuck to it, however, it worked – just much more slowly.

I can’t even say that I’ve been half-assing it the last five years or so. More like one-tenth-assing it.  I gained back all but 25 pounds of the weight that I’d lost.

Thankfully, by doing things on my own and popping in to my WW account every once in a while, I’m back down 30 pounds of what I’d regained.  Unfortunately, now Weight Watchers has decided to switch their plan and website.

I personally hate the changes.  Their website is much harder to use and doesn’t have nearly the capabilities of the old site. You can’t even see your weight loss/gains in graph form any longer.  It took me 20 minutes just to find the message boards. It took me even longer to find the help files.  While it’s helpful to add products or foods to the database that WW themselves hadn’t added, their decision to make the foods people add available to other WWers has made the food database somewhat of a pain.  There can now be three or more entries for one product, all with different points values.

As for the new plan itself, I applaud the idea behind them trying to move people in the direction of eating healthier, less-processed foods.  However, the way they go about it makes it harder to follow and stick to.  I was making much better choices on the old plan than I did before joining, but knowing that I could account for the occasional rough day or meal out made it seem so much less like a “diet” and more like something I could stick to.  I could gradually transition into eating better foods at my own pace.  Now, they’re making the decisions for us.  Yes, I can still “treat” myself, but the points values of such items have gone up so much that it’s much harder to fit them into my lifestyle.  I feel deprived.  And honestly, when I feel like someone is telling me what to do, I rebel even harder.  Let us go back to deciding for ourselves.

I can accept that watching your sugar intake is pretty important when you’re trying to eat healthier, however, again, their method is lacking in trying to shove us toward cutting these things out of our diets.  Instead of encouraging the use of more natural sugars like honey, their plan pushes you towards sugar-free, fat-free products in order to not feel deprived.  These things are filled with chemicals and are not the least bit healthy.

And so, sadly, it’s time for me to say goodbye to Weight Watchers.  I cancelled my account today after almost ten years.  If at some point in the future they decide to listen to all of the members who have complained and cancelled and adjust their plan, I will re-evaluate.  They may one day win me back.  In the meantime, I’ll be using My Fitness Pal or one of a couple of applications that use varying points plans that others have recommended to me.  We’ll see how this goes. It may take me some time to figure out what works for me.

Have to say it will also be nice to be saving that additional $20 a month.

Anyone on the new plan and loving it?  I know there are quite a few of you out there that do.

Anyone else decide to jump ship?

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  • Lisa Says:

    I never did WW but I know a lot of people that swear by it and found it really helpful for weight loss accountability and support. I’ve been reading similar things from a lot of people lately–very unhappy with the changes!

    Posted on February 3rd, 2016 at 7:20 pm Reply | Quote
  • Ashley Says:

    I also canceled once they changed the plan. The new database was awful and didn’t include some things I ate regularly or even common workouts. I lost all my favorites and recipes I had built up.

    What pushed me over the edge, and this might sound silly, was that my 2 tablespoons, a whole 70 calories worth, of creamer in my coffee in the morning was 4 points. I got 33 points a day and 70 calories of creamer took more than a 10th of my allotment for the day? Something is wrong with their calculations.

    Unlike some, my daily points didn’t increase and my weeklies went down. I was having success with the old plan. I was starving with the new system. The changes made it unsustainable for me. I switched to my fitness pal. It just works better for me right now.

    Posted on February 3rd, 2016 at 11:20 pm Reply | Quote
  • Pamela Says:

    I’m glad you found something that works for you! I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about the creamer for their coffee, actually. So many things have such inflated point values now, and some are way lower than they should be. I’ve mostly been using an app called ProTracker, lately, but sometimes double-check points on a couple of other apps. Wishing you all the best!

    Posted on February 13th, 2016 at 1:56 pm Reply | Quote
  • Biz Says:

    I joined again. I lost 70 pounds and kept it off for years – until I was put on insulin and suddenly all the things I couldn’t have on oral meds, I could have with insulin – I’d just take a shot!

    I’ve gained back 30 pounds in the past three years – albeit part of the problem was my husband was sick and passed away – his needs came way before mine.

    So now that my fog is lifting, I haven’t been on the website all that much, but I love the app! I haven’t looked for the message boards yet though.

    Hang in there! 😀

    Posted on February 4th, 2016 at 5:40 pm Reply | Quote
  • Pamela Says:

    Biz, I am so so sorry to hear about your husband. My heart goes out to you. I can’t imagine what you’re going through. I know that after my brother died suddenly, I gained like 50-60 pounds. It was horrible.

    I’m glad that you’re loving the app and am wishing you all the best!

    Posted on February 13th, 2016 at 1:58 pm Reply | Quote
  • karla Says:

    I also lost on the original plan in 2010 which tracked calories/fat and fiber and that worked AMAZING for me I was having frozen yogurt almost daily and still managed to lose 70 pounds… when they went to points plus… that was a total no for me. I did not lose AT ALL!! I understand the thinking behind them changing (again and again) their program but they also lost me. I use My Fitness pal and work with a trainer/food coach I am up from my low low but I have been losing in 2016. You just have to do what works for you! I was sad about WWers way back in 2011 (I think) when they switched…

    Posted on February 13th, 2016 at 4:00 am Reply | Quote
  • Pamela Says:

    Karla, your experience sounds very much like my own. Right about the time they switched to Points Plus, I was put on some medication that made me hungry all the time and made the weight come back on. And I struggled hard with PointsPlus and didn’t lose very well. I long for the old regular Points (calories/fat/fiber) system again. I’ve been trying PointsPlus this time around just because there’re more tools for it. Am seriously considering attempting to do the original plan on my own. I still have the calculator.

    Posted on February 13th, 2016 at 2:01 pm Reply | Quote

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