Beer Knurd

One of the most interesting (and fun) things to happen to me this year is that I made the Ring of Honor at our local Flying Saucer restaurant/bar in January.

My friend Christy introduced the place to me about a year and a half ago (crazy how time flies) and another friend talked me into joining their UFO Club.

I even did a PowerPoint presentation on it at work for a PowerPoint class I was taking. (Following screen shots are taken from it)

Here’s how it works (click for larger image):


Flying Saucer became the regular hangout for my friends and I, and we were there at least once a week for trivia night. I started on March 2, 2011 and finished 11 months later on February 4, 2012.

Have I mentioned I don’t even really like beer?  Through this process, though, I’ve learned a lot more about it and have even found a couple I really like.

Mostly stouts as you can see here:

I decided to have my plate party on February 19th. The 9th anniversary of my brother’s death.  It’s never an easy day for me, but this year, I spent it celebrating with my friends.

This is the yummiest one I had at the party: Schlafly Reserve Imperial Stout (a stout aged in a bourbon barrel).

This is me with my previously mentioned friend, Christy (I’m on the left, of course).

And here I am revealing my plate:


Really, for me, the best part hasn’t been the beers I’ve tried, or the plate on the wall (though that is fairly awesome), or *shudder* the money I’ve spent, it’s the time I spent with friends and the memories.  But now I can say I’m immortal. 😉 At least as long as Flying Saucer is in business – and I’m guessing, based on the crowds that are usually there, that will be quite a while.

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I’m Baaaaaack!

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything on here.  As I said in my last post, I’ve had a fairly rough year. Lots of things going on, mentally and physically, and my back issues have really done a number on me.

Things (well, some) are getting a bit better.  I also didn’t say anything on here for fear of jinxing myself, but I’ve been back on plan for a week. Yay me! I had my first weigh-in today and am down 4.5 pounds. I’d say that’s pretty good considering I didn’t do perfectly this week. I just did the best I could. I went out with friends at least twice (and had a beer or two) and then my friend grilled burgers yesterday and plied me with a yummy brownie as well. So there were some things I had to guess point values on, but as I said, I did the absolute best I could.

On top of all of that, I upped my fruit and veggie intake every day.  Exercise is still kinda iffy with the way my back is, but I’m hoping that with a little weight loss, that might get a bit better, too. I know it’s a chronic issue that I will never fully get rid of (it still bothered me at my lowest previous weight), but hopefully it’ll become manageable again. I miss being active.

There’s a part of me that is really proud of me for the past week.  I know that a lot of the time, the first week is the hardest.  For me, the first day or two is the hardest sometimes.  The “just doing it” part.  But there’s also a part of me that knows that I’ve had a first week back on plan many, many times and won’t truly be proud of myself until I can make it last a couple of weeks at least, until I’ve done something to show myself I can really make it stick this time.

But that kind of attitude will lead to me never being satisfied, so I’m going to take this accomplishment and let myself be proud.  I could have gained 4.5 pounds last week instead, but I didn’t.

Hope you’re all doing well and look forward to catching up with you.

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Crappy Couple of Weeks

Hi all! I hope you’re doing well.  Me, not so much.  The past couple of weeks have been really really hard for me. Needless to say, it’s completely thrown my eating off track.

The week before last, I came down with a stomach bug.

Then last Saturday, I hurt my back pretty badly.  I was diagnosed with a bulged disc and some degenerative disc disease about 13 years ago. It has bothered me off and on over the years, but has been pretty well regulated until now. I think it happened when I was trying to help my dad while he was having seizures, but I’m not entirely sure when it happened.  I’ve been in agony for pretty much the last week straight.  It was feeling quite a bit better yesterday, but it started bothering me again last night and today.  The prescription medicines didn’t even make an impact on the pain.

To top it off, I now have a cold or something.  I’ve had a sore throat the past couple of days with congestion and some cough (which makes my back feel lovely, let me tell you).

Unfortunately, I’ve missed quite a bit of work the past couple of weeks. Which isn’t entirely surprising.

So it’s been a rough couple of weeks, with several fairly low moments on my part. I’m sure I’m annoying the heck out of my friends with my negativity.  It has really felt like I just can’t catch a break.  I’m refusing to give up hope though that it will get better.  It’s got to.

On a happy note, I recently installed a couple of new spam filters on my blog. They’re lovely. There’s an extra box for people to check when commenting (to prove that they’re human), but I went from over a thousand spam comments a day to zero in the past four days.  It’s great.

I hope you’re all well.

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Making an Effort

This is just a quick post today. I’m not on track yet 100%.  I am, however, making an effort.  Especially the last couple of days.  I’m starting to feel my motivation returning. It helps that several of my friends are also attempting to watch what they eat.

I say this as my stomach growls. 😀

I’m also going to make more of an effort to blog.  I miss it. I just really haven’t had much to say lately, especially in regards to my eating.  My emotions have also been on quite the roller coaster.

I’m still loving my car quite a bit. Have gotten several compliments on it, even from strangers, which is always fun.

Are any of you doing anything fun this weekend? I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing yet. There are a few things I’m contemplating. Buying new underwear may be one of them. 😛 Yes, I lead an entirely exciting life.

Anyway, I hope you all are doing well.  Take care.

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“Lbs.” The movie now on Amazon!

Hi all! Yesterday, I wrote to let you know that “Lbs.” is now available on iTunes.  Well, today, it is now on Amazon Instant Video for download. 3.99 to rent for three days and 14.99 to purchase.

If you decide to check it out, let me know! Hope you enjoy.

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“Lbs.” The Movie on iTunes

Hi all!

It’s been a while since I’ve sent out a “Lbs.” update.  Just wanted to let you all know that it is now available on iTunes for $9.99.  You can get more info on their site here.  If you get it, don’t forget to let me know what you think!

I haven’t watched it in a while…thinking it might be time to again!

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New car!

Hi everyone!  Most of you know that I’ve been struggling with my car for a while. Every time I get one batch of repairs paid off, it’s time for another round with the mechanic.  And every time I’d take the car to a mechanic, it seemed like something else would go wrong.

As I recently paid off a ton in repairs, and knew more service would be eventual  in my future, I decided enough was enough. It was time to bite the bullet and get a new car (excuse me a moment while I shudder at the thought of having a car payment again).

My old car was a 2002 Grand Prix GT.  I bought it used in April of 2003, two months after my brother died. My first car, a Chevrolet Citation, had the alternator (I think) go out and I didn’t want to get it replaced.  My mom cosigned on my Grand Prix with me, but I made all the payments. It was my first car that I really bought for myself (the Citation was given to our family by my Grandma).

Things moved so fast when I bought my new one that I didn’t really even get to say goodbye to it. That made me kind of sad. I also meant to take photos of it that morning, but had forgotten. 🙁

I went back through my photos and this was one of the more recent ones I took, from a snow storm last year:

It was a nice car, black leather seats, Bose stereo, heads-up display (which I’m really going to miss), but after almost nine years, it was just time to move on.

So this is what I came home with on Saturday after researching other cars and test driving a Chevy Malibu:

A 2012 Toyota Camry.  The difference in the way the driving felt between it and the Malibu was like night and day. Just incredible. There are so many safety features on it (10 air bags, etc.) and it gets great gas mileage (35 highway, 25 city).  Plus, there’s fun stuff like a touchscreen stereo, Bluetooth for my phone or music, auxiliary cable, USB port, etc. And the best part is that it’s roomy. I moved my seat all the way back as far as it could go and then sat in the back seat and there was still PLENTY of leg room.  I also enjoy the fact that the back seats fold down to extend the trunk.  It’s quiet, takes bumps really smoothly, etc. Yeah, I could go on and on, but I won’t. It’s just safe to say I’m pretty in lust with my new car.

The color is called Cosmic Grey.  Most of the time, it just looks black. But when the sun hits it, you can see the grey and see hints of green, and sometimes even blue.  The best part? Her name is now Pixie.  I was noticing yesterday how pretty it is when the sun shines right on it.  It gets all sparkly. Which made me think of the vampires from the Twilight series and then cringe.  But a good friend of mine has a firmly held (and often spoken of) belief that the Twilight vampires are not really vampires. They’re carnivorous pixies.  So, my car is now called Pixie.  I just hope she leaves out the carnivorous part.  I’d like to not relive Stephen King’s “Christine.” 😀

Most of you know I’m slightly superstitious when it comes to numbers and dates and such.  When I took my dad for a drive in it Saturday, my mom noticed that I’d hit 50 miles at exactly 5:00pm.  Cool. 😉

Needless to say, I’ve been on the excited side the past few days.  This is the first car I’ve bought brand new, and all on my own.  Can’t wait to show it off to my coworkers and friends.  I know they’ll all just be glad that I’ve made a decision on what kind to get since that’s all I’ve talked about for the last week. 😛

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Am I Invisible?

Please excuse my rant.

Maybe I’ve just been exhausted from lack of sleep (have been having a harder time than usual sleeping lately), under a lot of stress at work, or who knows what else, but people are pissing me right the hell off lately.

Supposedly, this is the season for giving and sharing. But it seems like people are more inconsiderate than ever. In the span of a week, I’ve had two incidents (probably more – these just stick out) where people have been completely rude.  Perhaps they’re just so wrapped up in their own worlds or the idea that no one else exists in the world except themselves…I have no idea.

First, I went out to dinner with my mom and we were seated at one of those tables where there is a huge long bench with a bunch of tables and chairs along it.  Well, I attempted to be seated there, anyway.  The tables on either side of us were occupied. I volunteered to sit on the bench side of the table. Except that the women on both sides had all of their belongings piled up on the bench in between the tables. I picked a side and attempted to squeeze in between her purse/coat, etc and our table. Not working. So I finally put my hand on her purse (that was wide open, might I add) and tried to push it out of the way gently and just enough to get my big butt in my seat.  She didn’t even notice.  During this entire process, she didn’t make a single motion to move her stuff out of my way.  I don’t know about you, but if a total stranger was moving anywhere near my purse, I’d be noticing.

Tonight, I ran to the grocery store and got in line to check out.  There was a man and his son in line in front of me.  They were finishing up paying and starting to grab their bags.  The problem was that they left their cart at my end of the checkout belt. They both see me there and neither bother to move it.  They take forever grabbing their bags and then the dad answers his cell phone.  They stand there even longer.  Meanwhile, I’m trying to push their cart through so that I can get my items on the counter (while maneuvering my own cart).  They see me do this.  They had to have seen me.  NEITHER bothers to grab their cart.  The cart which is their responsibility.  I’ve finally moved it out of the way enough to pay for my items and they walk off with their bags, leaving the cart behind.  I was so mad.  Their cart was not my responsibility. Finally, as I was gathering up my own bags, the checkout woman moved it completely from the aisle.

So I only have two theories.  People are asses or I’m just invisible.

I was fuming on my way home and then I realized, I should have stood up for myself in both situations.  I should have spoken up.  That is REALLY not easy for me to do, but I need to start working on trying.

You know, along with all the other things I need to “fix” about myself.

I’ve often mentioned on here about how when you’re really overweight, it can be very contradictory. Sometimes you feel like you stick out like a sore thumb (like everyone is looking/staring at you) and other times you feel like no one really sees you.  Their eyes glance over you like they’re afraid your fat is catching.

While I’m sure these incidents had absolutely nothing to do with my weight, they reminded me of those feelings. But come on, people!  There are other people in the world than yourselves!

I know that none of my friends, or you guys, would act like this.  But I know that we all have moments where we get wrapped up in our own little worlds and tend to overlook things.  I know I’m probably just as guilty as the next person. So I just ask that we all be a little more aware of our surroundings.

(Sorry for my rant! I was just fuming and needed to get it out. 🙂 )

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Happy Thanksgiving

On the eve before Thanksgiving, I wanted to pop in and say hi.  I’m still alive.  Not doing so well on the eating front…which probably explains my absence in posting.  I think visiting the district attorney’s office about my brother threw me into a tailspin that I haven’t quite recovered from.

It’s been eight years, but the holidays are still hard without him.  It gets easier, but he’s never far from my thoughts, and at times I find myself in a bit of a funk for seemingly no reason. Then I realize why I probably am.  Because I miss him.  At times I feel as though I’m letting him down – with being in pretty much the same position in my life as I was when he died, for regaining so much weight…but I know he loved me.  No matter how much we fought, or cussed at each other, we loved each other.  I know he would be happy that I don’t stay home all the time anymore.  That I have friends now.  That I don’t hide from the world…as much.

So on this American holiday, I ask you – whether you are here in the U.S. or not, and whether you celebrate the holiday or not – to take a moment to tell those you love and care about how much you do.  Tell them how much you appreciate them and try not to take them for granted.  I know how easy that can be to do sometimes.  We sometimes forget that each moment isn’t guaranteed.  I try to remember that as much as I can, but know that even I can use the reminder.  There are people I care about that I don’t get to see that often – we get busy with our lives.  It happens.  But I need to let them know how valued they are.  And those that I do get to see often also deserve to know how important they are.  I sometimes think those are the ones who most go unappreciated.

I hope you, whoever is reading this, knows that I value you.  I appreciate you sticking with me through my ups and downs and mundane daily experiences – whether you’ve been with me for a day or for years.  It’s sometimes hard to believe that I started this blog almost 4 years ago (will be four years in January).

So thank you.  You are appreciated.  I hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow if you celebrate it.  If not, have an enjoyable day!  Celebrate yourself and those you love.

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Hi all!

Guess what? My weight on the scale is actually down!  It’s showing me as being down 6 lbs from my most recent highest.  But officially, I’m only down 2.7.  But I’ll take it! I’m excited to see what the scale says on Saturday.  I was perfectly on plan Friday.  Wasn’t perfectly on plan Saturday, but didn’t do TOO bad and did a lot of walking at the renaissance festival.  Then was perfectly on plan yesterday and so far so good today!  I’m going out tonight and I even have my planned drinking tracked in advance in my tracker. Go me!  And go all of you for your fantastic support!

I’ve now been to Ren Fest twice this year.  The first time, even though it ended up raining on us and becoming a muddy mess, was much more fun because there weren’t nearly as many people there.  This time, the weather was gorgeous, but there were so many freaking people, it was hard to have too much fun. Felt like I was constantly bumping into people.

The first time around, I got my hair braided again like I did last year (but in a different style).  This style was called The Athena:

On this second trip, I ended up getting my henna tattoo.  This was it shortly after it was done:

So those were fun.  I also bought a hand-crocheted snood!

Fun stuff.  Or at least I think so. 🙂

In other unrelated news, my mom called me today at work to let me know that next week, the District Attorney’s office has set an appointment for us to come in and review all of the case materials from when my brother was killed.  We will be able to read all statements, all reports, everything that the driver said, etc.  They will also let us review photos, but am not sure we’ll go that far.  Depends on if we think we can handle it.  But it will be nice to hopefully have a better understanding of what exactly happened that night (or at least what they think happened that night).  It’s so hard to believe that it will be 9 years in February.  I still miss him tremendously.  So hopefully, my supervisor will work with me on letting me have the time off.

I’ll keep you all posted. Hope your week has gotten off to a good start!