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I mentioned once before that “Lbs.” is up for a Spirit Award.  The awards air this coming Saturday, February 26th, at 9pm CST on IFC.  I won’t be able to watch it that night, but will most likely be taping it.  Let’s all keep our fingers crossed for them.

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have already seen my next bit of news.  I get Google alerts for “Lbs.” and received one a couple of days ago for an interview with Matthew Bonifacio.  I flagged it for follow up later to add here on my blog.  I happened to check my site stats yesterday, however, and noticed that I’d gotten a few hits from the IFC website.  I thought that was odd.  Until I went to check it out and discovered it was a link to the article I’d flagged for follow up (that I obviously hadn’t read yet).

Matthew was kind enough to mention me in the interview! I’m truly honored, and it was very nice of him.  He was asked for his most memorable moments while traveling for the film and one of the ones that he mentioned involved me.  He said:

Finally, last year when “Lbs.” was in release it opened in Washington DC, a young lady flew in with her mom from Kansas City to see “Lbs.” and meet us. She had started her own “Lbs.” forum on her blog called Uncovering Pamela. She is such a dedicated fan and religiously updates her blog when there’s any news on “Lbs.” I’ve even found myself going to her blog to find out updates! It’s all so flattering and a great reminder of the reason we made this film.

You can check out the full  interview here.

Of course, that makes me feel all the more guilty about slacking off on updating my “Lbs.” info lately.  I need to get on that.  So be expecting an update post in the next couple of weeks.

Matthew Bonifacio, Me, My Mom, Carmine Famiglietti, and Lou Martini, Jr.

For those of you new to my blog, you can check out my Lbs.-related info on the links above, the official site, IMDb, or check out the trailer below.

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  • Rebecca Says:

    Wow! That is exciting about the mention by Matthew. He seems like a sweet, insanely smart dude. 😉

    I will be thinking of you this weekend. Sometimes the anticipation of the sadness is worse than the actual sad day. Feel your feelings. They make you human and, incidentally, a freakin’ amazing human.


    Posted on February 25th, 2011 at 11:55 am Reply | Quote

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