“Lbs.” the Movie Nominated for Spirit Award

Anyone who has been following my blog for any length of time knows that I’m a huge supporter of the movie, “Lbs.,” and have done my best to promote it as much as I can on here.

Supposedly a DVD is still in the works with lots of extra features that should be released within the next few weeks. (YAY…trying not to be impatient. 😉 )

I also learned today via Facebook that “Lbs.” has been nominated for a Spirit Award (recognizing independent films).  The award they’ve been nominated for is the John Cassavetes Award.  To see the Spirit Award page regarding Matthew Bonifacio and Carmine Famiglietti, the creative team behind “Lbs.,” please click here.

And, as always, to check out my own personal page for everything “Lbs.” related, click here.

This is fantastic news and I’d like to congratulate both Matthew and Carmine, and everyone else involved in the creation of this movie!

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