“Monday Came” by J.R. Richards (Music from “Lbs.” the Movie)

Hi everyone!  I have a “Lbs.” update! I know you all have been in withdrawal! 🙂

I personally think this is a fun one, though.

When I saw the theatrical version of the film when I was in DC at the beginning of May, the song that was playing over the credits caught my attention.  I really liked what I had heard of it (which actually wasn’t much since they muted it to start the Q&A – not that I’m complaining or anything).

I’ve been trying to find out what the song was (all I could remember hearing was the lyrics “Monday came”) or if it was available anywhere, but haven’t had any luck.  Then today, I happened to pop in on the movie’s fan page on Facebook (or is that supposed to be “like” page now?  Stupid Facebook) and saw that someone finally posted some info about it a few days ago.

The song is called “Monday Came” and is by J.R. Richards.  It also features Michael Carey.  The lyrics are especially meaningful since they were inspired by one of the scenes in the film.

I think it’s my new favorite song.  In fact, I’m listening to it while I write this.  I love the lyrics, and the music genre itself is right up my alley.  Some of my favorite lyrics from it are:

I stand before you.

Take me as I am.


So face into the sun.

Embrace whatever comes.


A thousand times you fall, but you get up.

You stand.

You fly again.

There may be other places that you can hear it and download it, but the two I know of for sure are:

  • iTunes ($0.99)
  • Amazon ($0.99) (where I personally downloaded it, since I’m a rebel and refuse to use iAnything)

I need to listen to some of J.R. Richards’ other songs, but he may have a new fan.  And this song will become my new anthem once I get my ass back on plan (but more about that later).  Hope you enjoy!

(I will, of course, add these links to my “Lbs.” page.)

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