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Unfortunately, my left temple is going “thump, thump, thump, thump” right now.  So if any of my forthcoming comments make no sense – that’s my excuse.  As to my excuse on any other day, I’m still trying to come up with one.

First, I just called and checked in with my dad about 1/2 hr ago and so far so good.  You know, unless he’s lying to me.  But he answered and sounded coherent, so I’m taking that as a good sign.

I feel so bad for lying to my mom.  I called her on my way to work to see what time she was planning on calling my dad (so I could space out my calls) and it sounds like she’s having fun.  But she asked “how are things there?  Any problems, has he fallen?”  Immediately I said, “no, everything’s fine.”  Then that feeling of guilt spiked through me.  But like I said this morning, she doesn’t need to know until she comes home.  No need to spoil her trip.  My dad even agreed with me on this.


Are any of you watching this season of the Biggest Loser? I finally got caught up on it this weekend. I hadn’t seen any but the first episode.  Thank God for the fact that they took a break for the Olympics – they gave me a chance to get caught up!

I originally refused to watch The Biggest Loser when it first came out.  I saw it as merely an opportunity to exploit and make fun of overweight people.  Turn them into a spectacle for ratings.  I finally watched it a couple of seasons later and was happily surprised.  Though they were pushing them insanely, they seemed to actually care about making people healthier.  Except for the damn weigh-in outfits, they seemed to treat the people with respect.  I fell in love with the contestants (well, most of them) and fell into their personal stories.  Many, so much like my own.  I was happy when they finally had larger female contestants that I could relate to.

Over the past couple of seasons, I’ve been noticing a trend towards more outrageous stunts and less and less respect of the contestants.  The first few episodes of this season pissed me off so much I almost didn’t watch the third.  It now seems to be ALL about the idea of “how big of a spectacle can we make of these people” and “let’s see how quickly we can seriously injure one of them” and “let’s see how horribly humiliated we can make them.”  Like I said, it’s pissing me off.  Even Bob and Jillian and their reactions to and interactions with the contestants are ticking me off.  Must they profess so much shock and disgust at their weights and must they discuss the private personal problems of each contestant in front of every other contestant?

Luckily, I stuck with it and got caught up.  The rest of the episodes, while still exploitative, haven’t been quite as bad – they’ve been more focused on the individual journeys and stories of the contestants.  The part that I like.  In fact, I like most of the contestants this time around – so far.

I have to admit I was glad that Migdalia got kicked off, because if I had to hear her mom tell her not to cry one more time, I would have reached through the screen (or tried anyway) and smacked her.  Which I found ironic, because Miggy has done nothing BUT cry since Migdalia left.  In fact, I actually like her since she had her surgery.

Most people I’ve spoken to have proclaimed their hatred of the woman on the red team.  Surprisingly, she doesn’t bother me that much.  She actually seems kind of decent in comparison to some of the other people they’ve had on there.  I don’t know whether she threw the weigh-ins or not – the body and what happens on the scale can be a mystery sometimes.  But if she did throw them, so far that’s (and her arguments with the trainers) really the only thing she’s done that would make me not like her.

So are you watching?  If so, what do you think?  Who are you rooting for?

Also, here is an interesting article:  ‘The Biggest Loser’ Has Big Problems, Health Experts Say

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